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Precautions for starting up laser equipment in winter (water cooling)

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

Step1: Make sure that the indoor temperature is 5-35°C before the laser equipment can be turned on and used

Step2: Check whether the water cooling tube is frozen, and the laser device cannot be turned on if it is frozen

Step3: If there is ice, please turn on the air conditioner or heating facilities, adjust the ambient temperature of the laser equipment to 5-35°C, and let it stand for more than 4 hours. The next step can only be performed after the ice melts naturally. Do not take Violent deicing to avoid damage to equipment hardware.

Step4: After confirming that the laser equipment is not icing, it is necessary to turn on the chiller for preheating

Step5: After the circulating temperature of the chiller rises to normal temperature (recommended temperature: about 25±3°C), the laser can be turned on

Step6: After normal start-up, adjust the energy to below 30%, and preheat for about 10 minutes after emptying the light, and then proceed to normal production operations.