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Main Applications of Laser Welding

Apr 18,2023 | TOPTEK

Lasers are used for welding not later than cutting. Lamp-pumped lasers and YAG laser welding were mainly used in the early days, which belong to very traditional low-power laser welding. It has been applied in many fields such as moulds, advertising characters, glasses, jewelry, etc. Sizes are very limited.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of laser power, more importantly, semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers have gradually opened up laser welding application scenarios, breaking the original technical bottleneck of laser welding, and opening up new market space.
The light spot of the fiber laser is relatively small, which is not suitable for welding, but the manufacturer uses the oscillating beam principle of the galvanometer and the technology of swinging the welding head, so that the fiber laser can achieve good welding.

Laser welding has gradually entered domestic high-end industries such as automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, nuclear power, new energy vehicles, and optical communications.

Power battery laser welding should be the most attention-grabbing welding application demand in recent years, followed by body and parts welding. The third is the laser welding application of consumer electronics products, among which the mobile phone manufacturing and optical communication manufacturing process space is relatively large.

It is also worth mentioning that handheld laser welding has entered the heavy duty stage. It can easily replace traditional arc welding and inefficient spot welding processes. Widely used in welding of hardware factories, hardware parts, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloys, doors and windows, railings, and bathroom components.

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