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Laser beam seams offer many advantages over conventional arc welding processes

Apr 26,2023 | TOPTEK

1. Small-area selective energy supply: reduce thermal stress and heat-affected zone, with extremely low distortion.

2. Narrow gaps and smooth surfaces: reduce or even eliminate reprocessing.

3. Combination of high strength and low welding volume: the welded workpiece can be bent or hydroformed.

4. Easy to integrate: Can be combined with other production operations such as alignment or bending.

5. Only need to approach one side of the seam.

6. The processing speed is fast and the processing time is shortened.

7. Especially suitable for automation technology.

8. Good program control: Machine tool control and sensor system detect process parameters to ensure quality.

9. The laser beam can produce solder joints without touching the workpiece surface or exerting force on the workpiece.

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