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How to replace the vibrating mirror of fiber laser marking machine

Apr 28,2023 | TOPTEK

Generally speaking, there are three situations in the fiber laser marking machine that need to replace the galvanometer.
  One is that the galvanometer is broken and does not want to be repaired.

The second is that the vibrating mirror must be removed for maintenance and then reinstalled.
The third is that the vibrating mirror is old. If it does not meet the requirements, it needs to be replaced with a new vibrating mirror. In either case, two steps are required: removing the vibrating mirror and installing the vibrating mirror. But in the above three cases, fiber laser marking machine users should pay attention to the correct input voltage of the vibrating mirror, the positive and negative voltages of the vibrating mirror must be correct, and then the signal line of the vibrating mirror should not be connected wrongly.

The following is the method of replacing the vibrating mirror of the fiber laser marking machine:
1. Carried out during a power outage.

2. Unscrew the screws of the head cover, and remove the relevant baffles (note that the drive boards of some galvanometers are also installed on the baffles, so be careful when removing them).

3. Loosen the connection strap between the galvanometer and the driver board in the connector.

4. Remove the motor wires between the X and Y vibrating mirror motors and the driver board, as well as the power and signal wires on the driver board.

5. Remove the drive board first, first remove the X and Y drive boards, mainly to see if there are any obstacles

6. Remove the Y motor, and slowly loosen the fixing clip of the Y motor. When the Y motor can move, carefully pull the motor out parallel to the mounting holes.

7. Remove the X motor. It should be noted in this step that when loosening the X motor clamp block, the X motor must be supported to prevent the motor from falling and causing damage.

8. Pack the items you just unpacked.


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