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Application of laser cleaning in high-speed rail industry

Apr 25,2023 | TOPTEK

Rail transit equipment is mainly used for the maintenance of subway equipment, and the workpiece that needs to be cleaned is the wheel axle that has been running on the subway for a long time. During the cleaning process of the wheel shaft, it is necessary to clean the wheel shaft without oxidation marks, clean it, and then perform flaw detection. In order to ensure cleaning efficiency, laser cleaning technology integrates different laser combinations through robots to reasonably determine the parameters of each laser process to ensure paint removal efficiency and surface quality.

The existing cleaning system uses a spiral offset method for cleaning. The cleaning method is a reciprocating procedure. After cleaning, the surface coating is cleaned to reveal the metal color, the surface has no oxidation color, and no laser traces. The effect satisfies the customer.

Application of Laser Cleaning in Lightweight Manufacturing of Locomotive Body
As a light metal, aluminum alloy is widely used in welding parts such as automobile bodies and fuselages due to its high specific strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing, and excellent mechanical properties. However, aluminum alloys are prone to oxidation and absorb moisture from the air. If the oxide layer is not completely removed before welding, it will affect the welding quality, such as the loss of alloy elements, thermal cracks and other defects, which is not conducive to the improvement of industrial production quality, and will also cause damage to the car.

For the porosity problem in the aluminum alloy welding process, general treatment methods such as mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning can no longer meet the needs of high-quality welding in the automotive industry and other fields. The efficiency of mechanical cleaning is low, and the removal of oxide film is not complete; the environmental pollution is relatively serious, and large parts cannot be cleaned. The efficient, non-destructive and green laser cleaning technology developed in recent decades can solve this problem.

With the continuous improvement of the R & D and production technology of special lasers and cleaning equipment for laser cleaning, as well as the continuous improvement of laser cleaning application technology, laser cleaning is gradually widely used in mold manufacturing, automobile high-speed rail manufacturing and other fields, as well as maintenance, aviation and shipping. Also because of its high efficiency, green environmental protection, and good economic benefits, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to laser cleaning, and continue to develop new applications and new equipment related to it, making the laser cleaning industry flourish.

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