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Application of intelligent welding robot in construction machinery manufacturing industry

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

With the continuous development of social economy and science and technology, intelligent welding robots can improve the automation level of welding operations, improve welding efficiency while stabilizing welding quality in the welding process, and the welding demand for parts in the construction machinery manufacturing industry continues to increase. Intelligent welding robots have gradually replaced traditional welding.

The automation of the intelligent welding robot is reflected in the fact that it can realize the unmanned welding process. The intelligent welding robot completes the work by reproducing the teaching method, which is suitable for the welding work of small batch products. In the construction machinery manufacturing, there are many workpieces to be welded, which are complex The welding of workpieces brings challenges to the traditional welding process, and the application of intelligent welding robots solves the difficulties.

Application of intelligent welding robot construction machinery manufacturing industry:

1. Realize easy welding of complex workpieces. There will be many welding of non-standard workpieces in the construction machinery manufacturing industry. Traditional welding can easily lead to uneven welding quality. Intelligent welding robots are used with welding positioners to perform multi-directional flexible welding. The welding positioner compensates for the flexibility of the welding robot. To improve the welding accuracy of the weld, you only need to set the programming according to the walking path, and you can achieve easy welding.

2. Improve welding efficiency. With the rapid development of the modern economy, the construction machinery manufacturing industry is also following the trend of the times, improving production efficiency while controlling cost expenditures. In the welding process, it is necessary to ensure the welding quality and improve the welding efficiency, otherwise it will also affect the subsequent production process.

Intelligent welding robot production lines appear more in modern production workshops, realizing 24-hour uninterrupted production, greatly improving welding efficiency, good weld quality uniformity, and improving product qualification rate.

3. Control costs. The intelligent welding robot can replace manual welding production, and intelligently control the transfer of welding materials during the welding process. It will not cause waste of welding materials while completely filling the weld seam, reducing the labor cost and consumable cost of the construction machinery manufacturing industry and intelligent welding robots also provide more jobs.

4. Liberate the labor force of workers. Most of the construction machinery manufacturing industry works in the workshop. The harsh working environment in the workshop will cause occupational disease hazards to workers. The degree of intelligent automation is relatively high. The welding process does not require manual participation, which can liberate workers from heavy operations.

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