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Application of Automatic Welding Equipment in Welding of Flange Fittings

May 04,2023 | TOPTEK

With the needs of the development of automation in the manufacturing industry, more and more users use flanged pipe fittings in construction. Flange pipe fittings are a kind of welded pipe fittings, which refer to pipe fittings with flanges. Hot melt welding together, automatic welding equipment realizes the automatic welding of flanged pipe fittings.

Flange fittings on the market are made of various materials, and welding operations require post-processing. The material of the fittings is used to select the proper welding process.

Application of automatic welding equipment in flange pipe fitting welding:

1. The weld quality is beautiful and firm. Flange pipe fittings have high requirements on the welding quality of joints in use. In traditional welding, there are certain technical difficulties in the welding of reducers and circular seams, and welding defects are prone to occur. The automatic welding equipment can realize the teaching welding work according to the path setting, and can fill according to the weld seam of different flange pipe fittings, and the weld seam is beautiful and firm after cooling.


2. It is beneficial to realize cost control. In traditional welding, the welding work needs to be done manually. The emergence of automatic welding equipment replaces traditional welding production, which can realize automatic welding of flanged pipe fittings, reduce the number of welding workers and reduce labor costs.

3. Improve the efficiency of the production line. In many modern production workshops, automated production lines have emerged. After the operator sets the path, a series of processes such as automatic loading and unloading, automatic welding, rotation, and stacking of flanged pipe fittings can be realized, effectively improving production efficiency.

4. Realize batch welding production. Automatic welding equipment can be said to be produced for mass production. After setting welding parameters through welding programming, uninterrupted welding production can be carried out, which can improve the yield of flanged pipe fittings and reduce welding failures.

5. Reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases. When traditional welding welds flanged pipe fittings, workers will be directly exposed to dangerous environments, which are prone to occupational hazards and welding defects. Automatic welding equipment can replace manual production, workers can stay away from the welding environment, and effectively prevent occupational diseases. .

The above is the application of automatic welding equipment in the welding of flange pipe fittings.

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